Proposal for placement (Ablozhnyy-Bogush-Bruel-Czyżyk-Knopová-Ruuska-Sedlerova), 2017

Proposal for placement (Ablozhnyy-Bogush-Bruel-Czyżyk-Knopová-Ruuska-Sedlerova), 2017
semi-open booth with a selection of works by invited artists curated by Andrey Bogush

with works by
Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy
Andrey Bogush
Océane Bruel
Monika Czyżyk
Vendula Knopova
́Oskari Ruuska
Kristina Sedlerova

Oskari Ruuska - Folding screen (4 parts), 2017
synthetic fabric, wood, metal hinges

Kristina Sedlerova - no-time, 2017
blood, 4 local stones, 4 magnets, freezer

Monika Czyzyk - portrait of Andrey Bogush
pencil drawing, A3, 2017

Monika Czyzyk - dick drawings
pencil drawing, book, 2016

Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy - wild sex for free 3925460272
screen print, silk

Andrey Bogush - blue carpet (folded), 2017
wool, metal bars and chain

Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy - phonenumbers fabric poems
A3 papers

Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy - phonenumbers fabric poems

Océane Bruel - Chair, 2017
aluminium, foam protection, needles, masking tape, 2017

Vendula Knopova - key holder (tbc)

Océane Bruel - Lunarist, 2017
found object (glazed ceramic), 2017

Proposal for placement (Ablozhnyy-Bogush-Bruel-Czyżyk-Knopová-Ruuska-Sedlerova), 2017
semi-open booth with a selection of works by invited artists curated by Andrey Bogush

Born on November 2, 1994, Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy, Velsk, Russia, describes himself as «once visiting my favorite escalator I would show photographs of my- self to strangers and ask, “EXCUSE ME, have you seen this person?” Sometimes there was confusion, ‘ISN’T THAT YOU?” I would reply, “No, many people think that I look like HER, but have you seen HER?”

Andrey Bogush, born in 1987 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, lives in Helsinki, Finland. His recent solo exhibitions include When everything is over so we can discuss at e Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki and Proposals at Osnova gallery, Moscow. His works have been shown at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, SIC gallery, Helsinki, Bid Project gallery, Milan, TATE, London, Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, Festival International de Photographie d’Hyères, France, Chelsea Art Museum, New-York, and internationally.

Océane Bruel (b.1991 Montpellier, France) lives and works in Helsinki. She obtained her MFA in 2015 from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon. Her work has been exhibited in group shows in Finland, France and Germany and she has published texts in the french poetry magazine, Journal de mes paysages. She is currently an artist in residence at Flaggfabrikken Center for Contemporary Art in Bergen and in the autumn shw will show a collaborative project Mindtain with Dylan Arnold in Titanik gallery, Turku.

Monika Czyzyk (b.1989, PL) is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She is a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts and the Helsinki University of the Arts. Czyzyk works with various forms and lengths of the moving image. She relocates and participates in hybrid socio-institutional formations seeking out topics and materials created within these collaborative communities. In September 2016 Czyzyk had her rst solo show - BOdyssey at Exhibition Lab- oratory in Helsinki. Czyzyk was a resident of Signal Culture in Owego/NY and Limbo Limbo in London. Her videos have been screened at Union Docs NYC/NY, November Film Festival, London/UK, EMAP 2016: e 9th Ewha International Media Art Presentation, Seoul/SK.

Vendula Knopova is a Czech artist who was born in 1987. Vendula Knopova has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtscha and at the Fondazione Prada, Milan.

Oskari Ruuska (b.1994 Helsinki) is an artist based in Helsinki. Currently he studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. He is also a co-funder of Asbestos Art Space. He is mainly working with installations and sculptures o en combining di erent mediums such as moving image and found objects. Currently he is working with ginger sculptures and other healing materials. Folding screen was designed speci cly for the venue.

Kristina Sedlerova (b.1987) is a sculptor and scenographer, she holds Masters Degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki and in Scenography from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. Currently, her works are in the exhibition Materian kans(s)a at Eemil Art Museum, Finland and in June 2017 she will have a solo exhibition at MUU Kaapeli Gallery, Helsinki.



(notes on prosthesis), 2017

how is your soul

proposal for placement (booth)

Let's say catastrophe (part a b), Nisyros, Greece

When everything is over so we can discuss at The Finnish Museum of Photography

Peripheral Vision at Mejan gallery, Stockholm

Basic Photography at SIC gallery, Helsinki

I’ll be back in a moment at Bid Project gallery, Milan

Kunsthalle, Helsinki

Proposals at Osnova gallery, Moscow


On Proposals (text)

On Proposals (video)


STRUCTURE at Kuvatila, Helsinki

Lagoon at VTT, Helsinki