notes on prosthesis, 2017
(notes on prosthesis), 2017 at Lisätila, Helsinki, Finland

also you mentioned earlier that it is performing a cyborg body of image-history with decolonising parts, de-facialisation of time and bodies. i’m currently on the lake in the mountain part of Lombardia. your words: bodies of humans as well as plants, things etc. also: sexualising them or distorting them. holing them, pinning them. 1. inserting odd but fitting structures, performing prosthetic conditions of those bodies, those added realities as if they all are to be consumed, also consumed as performed in the: office, generic field, in the machine like the corporate tools of adobe photoshop 2. how to perform a generic field for those bodies. once you wrote: i saw your new picture on g. looks good. what about your soul? fog, lake, water. proposal for placement: whatever suits me suits you.

*text and image from dog is fag 2 graffities and sweet holes of the earth blistering and other (notes on prosthesis), 2017