how is your soul at Lisätila, Helsinki, Finland

two domains: of capacity and opacity. depth and groundlessness. grounding onto the surface. deepening into the axis of traveling and shifting along the surface. domain of placing the incapacity, not visibility and impotence, procrastination and intolerance. domains of disengagement and dysfunctional functions of the surface and creative acts on such surfaces. where the placement is happening if not on the colonised profitable lands of those others. where the placement could happen other than in fiction and through fiction. to install is to place to place is to install agency to install in agency to place is to place into place so into or onto agency from agency that’s a trick of agency and nothing here belongs to us. to install is to occupy to place is to resist to install is to fit and stretch to conform and to place. to place the body. the body language trajectory of placement. to speak is from some agency into another agency to speak is to install the agency to install the agency that is to speak. whose speech is taken for it whose space is taken for it. to place is always to misplace to mislead to colonise to install to be colonised to colonise is to be colonised. under the will of devices and under the will of chances and laziness. i want to become a part of that interface and see: okay maybe that is how it is go. or to see: what is a struggle here if it does not work. to exercise disobedience and anxiety of the other. is that the every place has that anxiety of the other. like nothing here belongs to us. like to stretch or to confirm. how to be a part and incorporate that into my practice-daily routines. i wonder what is fiction and if my works are fictions. i wonder about concept of placement and displacement. i wonder about traveling and being in one place. i wonder about working and not working. i wonder about failing and default states of things: generic things, things that don’t belong to me. i wonder what my body is capable of and if my body is not mine as such.

also you mentioned earlier that it is performing a cyborg body of image-history with decolonising parts, de-facialisation of time and bodies. i’m currently on the lake in the mountain part of Lombardia. your words: bodies of humans as well as plants, things etc. also: sexualising them or distorting them. holing them, pinning them. 1. inserting odd but fitting structures, performing prosthetic conditions of those bodies, those added realities as if they all are to be consumed, also consumed as performed in the: office, generic field, in the machine like the corporate tools of adobe photoshop 2. how to perform a generic field for those bodies. once you wrote: i saw your new picture on g. looks good. what about your soul? fog, lake, water. proposal for placement: whatever suits me suits you.

*text and image from dog is fag 2 graffities and sweet holes of the earth blistering and other (notes on prosthesis), 2017