towards capacity

  1. towards non-filmic objects

    slower time objects and objects that are left not to be objects

    how eye-objects and proposed non-eye eye-objects

    if so then towards non-eye subjects 


on subliminal

    range subliminal - disfunction
    or malfunction or the territory
    mapping the droppings out
    or the circles around
    flights of disjunctions
    photographic as a total conjunction surface
    so implementing (means: implementing some disjunctions or finding ways for such implementations
    it’s the line of the correction to the sublime that leads to the set of disjunctive elements
    so to step a step or half a step back is to make the ground attractive for those disjunctions
    to make an attracting surface
    to construct it raw but not raw as in the sense of not done
    but more like in the sense of overdone but not done enough


on photograph

    photograph as a triggering machine
  1. more like readymades or found object

  2. but here they are images of those objects

  3. being hold in the specific situation with a specific light condition

  4. then those elements are to be re-distributed (along what lines?)

  5. on canvas like placement

  6. area of placement is limited and is related to a page
    spatial coordinates
    it is related to a past medium or a future medium: the canvas, tv, a book fold and screen
    image as of spatial objects hence more sculptural more like assemblage rather than collage
    more like an installation rather than a painting
    photograph as a triggering zone of desire
    hence desiring zone
    place for multitudes and constant different actions
    place of differentiating and quoting
    hence real hence surface with light with stable construction
    within a stable perspective of a lens to be re-imagined but re-imagined through the process
    so to be processed and to be constructed as the point in the process through all those multitudes of elements

    works as surplus of laziness

    of boredom
    of procrastination
    of no-action
    of refuse and self-objection
    of self but self which is not self but pure self tramped in web of labour
    laboured self which is emptied of impulses and direct forces
    of non-body of non-efforts
    in catalepsy of no-movement of no-contemplation
    but in a circle of starvation
    in the circle of transparency and mutilation

    on proposals

    1. how something could be abstracted to some pattern
    2. but in favour of program
    3. not for the body
    4. nor for the eye
    5. but of the data

    on proposals 2

    images are taken in the field
    not in the studio
    it is an object which is in some sort of condition
    some sort of position
    that is to be taken from this position
    and turned into proposal

    on plane

    how to embed detail?

    empty / full

    on proposals (field)

    take a field
    necessity of a field
    abstract field or layer where everything is (detached)

    on proposals (face)